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Lajna Imaillah Belgium has Alhamdolillah a big range of books which can be ordered online and collected in local Majlis.


Muslim Television Ahmadiyya

MTA International emerged in 1994 with the aim of providing a positive alternative in the broadcasting world.


Al Tarteel,

a programme teaching the correct pronunciation of the Holy Qur'an.


Monthly timetable of Salat timing in Belgium.

Salat is the Muslim form of formal worship. Muslims offer Salat five times a day.

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Lajna Help Desk is a facility for all Lajna who need help and advice of ANY sort.

Sadr Lajna and a selected team will be available to assist. Matters can be discussed in confidence.

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Womens auxiliary organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Lajna Ima’illah, an auxiliary organisation of Ahmadiyya Muslim community provides women a structure to train, develop and enhance their religious and academic knowledge, acquire health and fitness skills, manage trade and industry affairs and develop their financial abilities. The aim of Lajna Ima’illah (literally translated as maids of Allah) is to raise awareness amongst women of their important status and their great responsibilities in the religious organisation, while focussing on their duties towards mankind as well as their contributions to the society in which they live and raise the future generation

Lajna Ima’illah has a robust organisational structure, consisting of local branches linked with regional and national management. The National President of the organisation is elected every other year. Monthly meetings are held in every ranch focussing on the religious, moral, social and general training of its members. Each branch organises educational classes or its younger girls giving them opportunity to socialise with other young Muslims. Lajna speakers address the attendees of Jalsa Salana; a yearly convention that takes place in each country.

A convention of Lajna members takes place once a year promoting speech, poem and quiz competitions from participants all over Belgium. Training classes are held each year . A refresher course for Lajna office holders is also an important part of the Lajna calendar. A National Sports Day is held every year to promote health and fitness and each year Lajna holds fundraising events to donate money for charities and other humanitarian projects.



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"Islam will definitely succeed if you are able to reform fifty percent women."

- Hadrat Musleh Mau`ud (ra)

Lajna Imaillah Belgium

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