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HEALTH & FITNESS (Sehat-e-Jismani)

Welcome to the Health and Fitness (Sehat e Jismani) department. Sehat e Jismani is an Arabic phrase which translates as the ‘health, wellbeing and fitness of the [human] body’. Hence the Sehat e Jismani Department of Lajna Imaillah Belgium concerns itself with enhancing health and fitness in the mind, body and spirit of women, girls and babies.

Islam lays great emphasis upon promoting the wellbeing of the physical aspect of a human. Above is an example from the Holy Quran, the traditions of the Holy Founder of Islam, Muhammad (saw) and the statement of the Promised Messiah (as).


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Lajna Help Desk is a facility for all Lajna who need help and advice of ANY sort.

Sadr Lajna and a selected team will be available to assist. Matters can be discussed in confidence.

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