"I say that sympathize with all nations of Allah Almighty  whether someone is a Muslim, Hindu or any other nation. I never like such people who limit sympathy to the people of their own nation"

Promised Messiah (as)


After the duty of worshipping Allah Almighty, Khidmat Khalq (service to humanity) is the second most important duty of a believer. 

Therefore, we should make sincere efforts to fulfill our duties as well as involve in humanitarian work.

Volunteering in Institutions

  1. We must sympathize and help people from all nations, casts and religions. When we are assisting any one it must be purely for humanitarian reasons.
  2. We should make plans for volunteering in institutions that are suitable for our Lajna members, becomes easy for us.

When volunteering your services, all Lajna volunteers must understand that they are representing Islam and the Jamaat, therefore, their conduct and dress code must coincide with Islamic teachings. 


Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) has approved the Chanda Khidmat Khalq for Lajna Imā’illah Belgium. Collections made under this category will be forwarded to various noble causes around the Globe; such as for the welfare of poor and needy, victims of natural disasters etc.

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Lajna Help Desk is a facility for all Lajna who need help and advice of ANY sort.

Sadr Lajna and a selected team will be available to assist. Matters can be discussed in confidence.

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