Lajna Imaillah Belgium

Lajna Imaillah Belgium

Women's auxiliary organisation of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


What is Sami-o-Basri?


The sami-o-basri department includes various tasks that capture and record the activities of Lajna Imaillah Belgium in both Audio and Video Format. If necessary, providing image and sound at the event in the Majlis.




  • It will be the responsibility of local secretary sami-o-basri to send a video report with photos keeping purdah in mind for every program or event. Kindly do this via your local sadr.


  • To cooperate with Sadr Lajna Majlis regarding the use of audio and video systems if needed. Collaborate with other members, if they are interested.


  • To arrange taleemi and tarbiyyati quiz programs for Lajna and Nasirat with Sadr Lajna and send the report in detail to Markaz.


  • Secretary sami-o-basri should stay in constant contact with the national secretary sami-o-basri and seek advice.


  • Make a clip/article/video for lajna to be sent to MTA International.