Tehrik e Jadid


Demands of Tahrik-e-Jadid

  1. Lead a simple life.

Make one dish in houses. Wear simple clothes. Do not make too many clothes. Do not get new jewelry made. Do not spend extravagantly in weddings. Do not waste money on adornments and embellishments. Avoid going to cinemas.

  1. Make financial sacrifices.

Devoted members of the Jamaat shall deposit one-fifth to one-third of their income to the treasury for three years. (Afterwards Hazoor (may Alllah be his Helper) made this permanent and mandatory for all members. He did not prescribe any fixed rate but the donation should be appropriate).

  1. Respond to the offensive literature of opponents.
  2. Self-supporting people should go to foreign countries for Tabligh.
  3. Those who can contribute one hundred rupees per month should participate in a scheme of Tabligh and those who are poor can give five rupees per month.
  4. Survey of Punjab should be done from Tabligh point of view.
  5. Government employees should take leave for three months and devote themselves for Tabligh purposes.
  6. Youth should come forward and devote their lives for three years.
  7. Those who cannot get leave for three months should devote their time in the seasonal or paid holidays.
  8. Those who have a position of influence because of their occupation or knowledge, like doctors, lawyers or on influential posts should offer their services so that they should be sent to different gatherings instead of the preachers.
  9. A reserve fund should be established for unexpected needs.
  10. Pensioners or retired men should offer their services for the propagation of religion instead of sitting at home.
  11. The people living outside of Qadian should send their children to study in the High School of Qadian or Jamia Ahmadiyya. The children brought up in Qadian are instilled with such a love for the Jamaat that despite their circumstances, whenever there is a call for serving the religion, they respond to that call immediately.
  12. There are well-off people who want their children to have higher education. They should offer the future of their sons for the service of the community so that Jamaat’s committee after studying the interest of the boys may decide that what course of education they should undertake. The purpose is that no such field should be left without ample representation of Ahmadis.
  13. Unemployed youth should migrate to other countries. (At another place, Hazoor said that if such unemployed youth would venture in foreign countries, it would be beneficial for them and would create the spirit of progress in the youth of Jamaat).
  14. Members of Jamā’at should adopt the habit of working with their own hands.
  15. Unemployed people, who cannot leave the country, should not stay without work. They should take whatever small job that they can find e.g. selling newspapers or books. No one should remain idle.
  16. Try to build houses in Qadian. Our centre will progress when the population of Ahmadis will increase in it.
  17. Those who cannot participate physically or actively should help Jamā’at with prayers.
  18. Give due consideration to the rights and feelings of women.
  19. Pay the rightful share (according to Sharia) to women from your property.
  20. Every Ahmadi should be trustful and not cheat in any case.
  21. Serve God’s creation.
  22. Every Ahmadi would get the decision from his judgment board or judge according to Sharia and would accept the decision whole-heartedly.


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