Lajna Imaillah Belgium

Lajna Imaillah Belgium

Women's auxiliary organisation of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community



110.  It shall be the responsibility of Secretary Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid to give wide publicity to the aims and objectives of Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid amongst Lajna members.

111. It shall be the duty of Secretary Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid to enrol maximum number of Ahmadi ladies as contributors to these two schemes viz. Tahrike Jadid and Waqfe Jadid. She shall exhort Ahmadi ladies to make maximum financial sacrifices towards both the schemes.

112. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra) had kindly assigned the responsibility of Daftar III Tahrike Jadid to Lajna Imaillah. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra), when entrusting the responsibility of Dafter III to Lajna Imaillah, he stated on 5 November 1982: “I entrust this work to Lajna. The experience of Lajna’s work is that whatever task they give their attention to, they try their best to put the men to shame and leave them behind and sometimes they succeed in this.”